Welcome to LogicPod

LogicPod is a SaaS platform that allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to sell products and services, manage commercial and logistics processes, and analyze business behavior.

About Us

Count on a well-versed, skilled group of app developers who realized the difficulties of creating and managing businesses, dedicated to creating software that helps small and medium companies grow.

LogicPod has the right tools to help businesses work seamlessly, all in a unified system. This platform also provides a just-in-time product packaging process in a three-dimensional way and offers the most effective way to manage your inventory and associated supplies with services and final products for sale.

Business systematization

With LogicPod, manage your products and services, and decide which ones to sell online.

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Control and Management of Products and Services

You don’t need third-party options to create an E-Commerce site: LogicPod allows you to sell your products and services online. All in one.

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Online Shops, sales and payments (Sales Orders)

LogicPod shows you the best way to manage your products intelligently.

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How to pack?

LogicPod indicates how to optimize space and minimize transportation and logistics costs.

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Generating Documents:
Shipping Labels (Packing List) and Package Tracking

Automated shipping processes with your preferred courier services, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

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Generating reports (Dashboards) and analytics

LogicPod allows you to understand how your business behaves based upon data-driven analysis, to make better decisions.

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We celebrate our Microsoft partnership for Startups

Our strategic partner which helps us strengthen, expand and develop your business.

This partnership aims to build and maintain a healthy environment where our partners and clients can prosper.

Access resources, programs, tools and connections.


“LogicPod is the Swiss Army Knife of business management platforms. If you want to create your own company, or grow your existing business, the LogicPod team knows how to get it off the ground and take it to the next level.

Very reliable and a positive force on any team. We were able to learn how to use the platform easily and it has allowed us to manage our business from beginning to end. Highly recommended.”

German David Arias (Nativo)

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